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Implemented RUTEC for 100+ enterprises all over Russia

We have been producing anti-friction additives since 2002 for companies around the whole Russian Federation

Reduce company's costs for fuel and vehicle maintenance up to 18% due to the use of anti-friction additive RUTEC.PRO

RUTEC improves the efficiency of fuel combustion and reduces consumption of material by 5-18%, as well as increases the efficiency of equipment and reduces the specific resistance by 3-12%.
RUTEC is used in vehicles and equipment, which have elements and mechanisms between which mechanical friction passes.
Using the RUTEC will help the company to reduce expenses for repair, maintenance of equipment and mechanisms up to 2.5 times.

What is RUTEC?

RUTEC is an additive for motor oils and other lubricants. RUTEC is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines, mechanical and hydromechanical automatic transmissions and DSGs, power steering, gearboxes, bearings, etc.
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RUTEC pays for itself in a matter of days and continues to save the company's money, time and resources for months

Vladimir Dorofeev
For 15 years he has treated several thousand engines with RUTEC additive. Consistent results: engine life increases, fuel and oil consumption decreases.
Sergey Evlakov
In the semifinals, the radiator clogged with mud, there was a hard overheating on the fourth lap, and knocked on the fifth. I disassembled the engine, everything is normal there, which I did not expect. Engine on RUTEC
Daniil Volegov
We pour RUTEC into engines of racing cars, the additive is good - it works. The compression holds. At high engine speeds and loads, the oil is clean.



The completeness of fuel combustion is improved and consumption is reduced by 5-18%.


The decrease in the resistivity of industrial equipment occurs within 3-12%.


RUTEC allows you to reduce the cost of equipment repair and maintenance by 2.5 times.


RUTEC reduces the cost of maintenance of equipment and petrol (GSM), as well as increases the productivity of equipment

You can study the detailed description of RUTEC, the principle of operation, properties and results which you will receive with the help of RUTEC
If you have any questions? We will be happy to answer you!
Reduce enterprise costs for fuel and vehicle maintenance up to 18% due to the use of anti-friction additive RUTEC.PRO
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